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The Castle

St. Philips Causeway, Bristol, Avon, Arno's Vale

This is a most forbidding exterior. It is one of the most apparent pubs to perceive as being haunted. The building dates from between 1645 with 1755 as a folly. Subsequently, it became the original stables. Architects designed this building for William Reeve. He was a prominent local Quaker businessperson. Once, locals knew it, as Arno’s Castle. Architects build the original folly from pre-cast black copper slag blocks from Reeve’s foundry at Crews Hole. Reeve went bankrupt in 1775. The benefactors sold his house with business to a member of the Tonge family, who were prominent slave traders. A headless nun haunts the Black Castle. Employees have frequently seen a small girl ghost, dressed in Victorian style in a grey dress with heavy shoes. It may be that she is the one responsible for the poltergeist activity throughout the Black Castle.