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Llandoger Trow

King St, Bristol

Witnesses hear the heavy dragging of feet at this pub. There have been reports of the phantom of an aged man. From time to time, witnesses see the ghost of a small crippled boy, carrying a white pail in the building with rear yard. It is a 350 years old pub named after a ‘trow’ a locally designed boat. There are reports that Daniel Defoe met Alexander Selkirk here. The latter was the marooned mariner, who was the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe. Captain Woodes Rogers lived nearby in the early 1700s. He called at the island of Juan Fernandez to escape a storm. There he found a man clad in goatskins called Alexander Selkirk. He brought him back to Bristol. Recently, a visiting TV production team with their psychic advisors claimed more than fourteen phantom entities haunted the pub. Off the Bristol coast is the Island of Enchantment, not visible to most humans. In the 1800s, some sailors said they had joined the Fairy Folk on this island for revelry with feasting. However, when they looked back, it had disappeared. Their tragedy was they would never find it again.