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Gullivers Tavern

1492 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth

People once called this pub the Dolphin. It was later named after Isaac Gulliver, the scandalous smuggler. Local people knew him to use this pub as a storeroom for his stash. It was initially an eighteenth century building. There are numerous records that Gulliver still frequents the hostelry. When he shows, there is an imposing fragrance of dry tea. One lady said she heard swishing sounds, as if lengths of silk were being counted. A couple, staying here, heard waking, amid the night and then resonances of clunking. Leaving their room to research further, they ran into the spectre of a man roosted on a midsection, counting gold coins. Reports claim the poltergeist can suspend glasses. Pool cues have been tossed around. Circumstantially, there have been substantial strides heard from empty parts of the building.