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The George Inn

Mill Lane, Bathampton, Bath, Avon

This is a lovely country pub, just outside Bath. On the edge of the canal, the George is home to the ghost of a man killed in a duel nearby in 1778. A follower dueller killed Adolphe, Vicomte du Barry a French aristocrat, on Bathampton Down. It was the last legal duel in Britain. It happened with an Irish adventurer, Colonel Rice of Claverton Down. His grave is just north of the west door of Bathampton church. The Vicomte du Barre came to Bath in the summer of 1778 with his wife with sister. They met Captain Rice, an Irish Jacobite whose grandfather had served in the French army. They arranged lavish card parties at eight, Royal Crescent. However, they quarrelled over the sharing of £600 that they had won from a Colonel Champion, who lived at 29 Royal Crescent. Rice challenged Du Barry to a duel. They made their way to Claverton Down, where pistols were primed. Du Barre fired first, with wounded his friend in the thigh. Rice's shot was more accurate. His rival hit the Frenchman in the chest. He died a few moments later. Others took his body to this pub. It is only since the 1890s that witnesses have reported his ghost. Witnesses say he appears at the end of the bar for about ten seconds before disappearing. They maintain he is a happy looking apparition. It presents no threat.