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The Curfew Inn

11 Cleveland Place West, Bath, Avon

A significant pub name since it was to commemorate the English Civil War curfew imposed upon the citizens of Bath. This order was in force between 9PM with 6AM. Authorities enforced this rule to maintain peace with quiet. The word ‘Curfew’ was from the French couvre-feu, the time to extinguish all fires, candles, with lights. It was also an order for all citizens to be off the streets between set hours. The building has a pre-1837 history, when it had been a bookshop, becoming a wine merchant’s premises subsequently a pub. It became the Curfew, in 1960. It is a nice, modest, late Georgian building. The ghost is equally modest. The totality of the paranormal activity is limited to turning off beer taps, with making a pool shot when players are withdrawing from the table. There is also legend of the ghost of a man in a green cloak peering through the windows of the Curfew during the late evening.