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The Crystal Palace Tavern

11 Abbey Green, Bath

It is almost hidden. On a beautiful green, the Crystal Palace is located near the ancient Roman Baths at Bath Abbey. In the late Victorian era, locals knew it as the Three Tons. The proprietor renamed it to commemorate the architectural extravagance iron with plate glass. Architects built it to house the Great Exhibition of London in 1851. The original building of the Crystal Palace pub was a private house, built in 1780. It is by Thomas Baldwin. In 1933, builders removed the third floor. In 1970, gardeners planted the magnificent plane tree on green. It eclipses the pub. During the renovation at the Crystal Palace in the early 1980s, several skeletons with a Roman mosaic floor were exposed. For many years, some reports argue that the ghosts of Roman soldiers haunt the pub. However, there are reports from several owners. The events of monks wearing black habits haunt this pub. Witnesses claim that these were as solid forms, with their heads covering hoods. Tales are commonplace occurrence sprinting naked in the bath. A legend is that it is the ghost of a Roman legionary. Often, witnesses have seen this naked man, loping between the abbey and the Crystal Palace. Police with others have pursued this elusive creature. They reported a metamorphosis during the pursuit. In the first case, it loses its solid form, becoming a misty substance. Its shape quickly becomes cloudy with grey. When it reaches Abbey Green, disappears.