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Saracens Head

42 Broad Street, Bath, Avon

One of the oldest pubs in Bath, it has history from 1713. It was a previous coaching inn. Victorian author Charles Dickens stayed here when he was working at Bath in 1835. The pub name is an historic one in England. It originates with the Greeks with Romans, referring to the nomads of the Arabian Desert as a ‘Saracen’. It was a Moslem name during the Crusades. Some noble English families, who took part, tended to include a Saracen’s head as part of their coat of arms. From the Medieval period, publicans have used it as a pub name. The information about the Grey Ghost that haunts the pub is sketchy, with the little legend there is has it as a member of the congregation at the adjacent church. The story goes that the man collapsed. He died in the street, with his body taken into this pub. There have also been stories over the years that two ghostly faces appear on a regular basis from the window close to the inn sign.