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Royal Hotel

Manvers St, Bath

A truly magnificent building that greets travellers arriving at Bath by train, the Royal Bath is a Second-grade listed building. It is of a Georgian style. Isambard Kingdom Brunel built it. It opened as a hotel in 1846. This was for the arrival of the railway. The many guests travelled to it by rail. A proprietor gave the Royal prefix, following one of Queen Victoria’s visits to Bath. There are many accounts that detail the ghosts that haunt the building. In the main, witnesses depict black or grey shapes. These accompany strange sounds at night. However, another ghost haunts one of the top floors. Legend has it that a cleaner employed in the hotel, Alison, died from ‘scarlet fever’. This was a curious euphemism for a girl who fell in love with one of the red-coated soldiers stationed at Bath. These men customarily abandoned them if they became pregnant. Alison was one such victim of love for a soldier. When she found she was with child, she took to her room. She died from alcohol, pills, or laudanum. She has been in ghostly residence since. When observed is wearing a bed making overall with a stiff white head cover.