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Garricks Head Hotel

8 St Johns Place, Bath, Avon

The Regency period was one of excess for those wealthy enough to enjoy it. Bath was one of the chosen cities. Royalty, nobility, with wealthy merchants assembled there to flaunt their wealth with social position. At the centre of this was the 18th century dandy, Richard ‘Beau’ Nash. Nash became Master of Ceremonies in 1704. He retained this position until his death. Witnesses say His ghost haunts the main entrance to the Theatre Royal. This had been ‘Saw Close’, the home of Nash. He organised balls, tea parties, country visits. He formally introduced families with individuals to each other. Nash was also proprietor of a private gambling club in the building now occupied by the Garrick’s Head Hotel. Workers integrated it into a magnificent crescent. A secret passage connects the adjoining Theatre Royal. Witnesses saw the ghost of a Grey Lady, floating between the hotel and the theatre. When she does manifest, there is the odour of jasmine perfume on the air. At least two ghosts are in residence at this inn. One is an unfaithful wife. The other is her lover, from the 18th century. The husband killed the lover. The wife committed suicide. Witnesses have seen her wearing a grey dress. Reports describe the lover as handsome with well dressed. There are also reports of severe poltergeist activity. This occurs to the point where the ghost has attacked several individuals. Supernatural force firmly gripped one barman. It held him by his arms as he was pulling beer for a customer. Employees hold poltergeists responsible for important items being spirited away. On one occasion, invisible hands threw candlesticks on a mantelpiece abruptly across a room. Witnesses have seen another curious manifestation at the Theatre Royal. This is a tortoiseshell butterfly. In glorious colour, it frequently appears here during the pantomime season each year. That is very much outside the time of year for such insects.