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The Bull and Butcher

Turville, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, Henley-on-Thames

It is an odd name for a pub. The first thought is that it may have been a ‘combination’ name. This is when two pubs have joined in one name. Alternatively, it could have indicated that this pub provided fine meats for meals here. Despite that, some reports on pub sign names have decided to interpret the sign as ‘Bullen’ a reference to Anne Boleyn with her beheading some two centuries previously. In keeping with its age, this pub has several resident ghosts. One is a woman who appears weeping, dressed in brown. Witnesses claim it to be the ghost of a proprietor’s wife. A murder took her life in the 1940s. During the night, there is often the sound of beer barrels. Listeners claim that an unknown entity rolls them around in the cellar. However, when investigated are all in their proper positions.