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George and Dragon Hotel

High Street, West Wycombe

The little indwell here is a young girl who was a servant at the pub many years ago. Susan, or Sukie, as locals knew her, fell in love with a wealthy young man. The local youths were angry that she preferred someone like that. A bogus letter tricked her into going to some nearby caves where the youths taunted her with throwing stones. Susan was seriously injured by one of these stones. Locals carried back to the inn where she died. She still haunts the stairwell with the landing of this 15th-century former coaching inn wearing a white dress. Some male guests have reported icy fingers stroking them, as they lay in bed half-awake. After one such encounter, one proprietor saw the ghost of a woman on the stairs, which suddenly disappeared. There have also been footsteps heard at the inn. Reports claim him to be a man, a traveller. He was a victim of robbery with murder here in the 18th century. Witnesses have seen an apparition, sitting at a table in the former servants’ quarters. The children of a former proprietor spoke of a ‘nice’ woman in white coming out of a cupboard with holding conversations with them. The boy said she was wearing a pink headband, which could have been a bloodstained bandage with suggesting this was the ghost of Susan.