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Mollys Millar

59 Station Road, Wokingham, Berkshire

Although it has had previous names, its name is now the Molly Millar. She was a celebrated local beauty. She was the daughter of the innkeeper. Behind her ghostly appearances here, there is a salutary tale. Many local gallants sought after her. However, she spurned them all. She died an unmarried woman. There are cynics who maintain that if only she had married, she would not be haunting the inn in her 18th century finery. Wokingham itself exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include the phantoms of residents driven out of their cottages nearby during the English Civil War. During the Civil War, the Royalist army from Reading arrived in Wokingham. They demanded that the townspeople fill eight carts with firewood with bedding. When they refused, the troops burnt four town houses to the ground. They also killed several of those residents. Witnesses frequently see their ghosts. The French highwayman, Claude Duval, lived at Highwater Lane, Wokingham, with his ghost haunts several local inns from where he carried out his robberies.