Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Windsor and Maidenhead

The Carpenters Arms

4-5 Market St, Windsor, Berkshire

This pub has a history from 1518. It is only 50 yards from Windsor Castle. This pub is at the end of Britain’s shortest street. Named after Queen Charlotte, (1744-1818), the street is only 50 feet with ten inches long. It is in an area, locals knew, as Old Windsor with history of that part of town to the eleventh century. Underneath the Carpenters Arms are old tunnels. These tunnels, at one time, led to Windsor Castle. People used these cellars with tunnels until the 19th century. It was then that authorities bricked them up. Who would have used them is obscure. However, there have been accounts of people having died in those tunnels. Their ghosts haunt them still. The present pub is of an early Victorian style. However, it is clearly stands on the site of a previous pub. A soldier haunts it. He is from one of the Guards’ regiments. Employees have frequently seen his ghost on the ground floor.