Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Winchester

The Old Coach House Inn

157 High Street, Winchester, Hampshire

A proprietor once named this pub the Coach with Horses. It is a 19th century building with some typical Chester black gambling on white on the upper floors. This pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a modern ghost who walks into the bar, orders a pint, with books a room. After this transaction, he promptly disappears. A poltergeist further haunts this pub. It slides ashtrays across tabletops. A curious blue light flashes from one wall. Nearby is the Bridge of Sighs, a crossing from Northgate Gaol to a chapel in the Bluecoat School where condemned prisoners received the last rites before execution. That haunted bridge is now a Second-grade listed building. At nearby Northgate Arch, there is the awful sound of hanged men swinging against the walls of the old execution prison.