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The Hyde Tavern

57 Hyde Street, Winchester, Hampshire

It is a positively delightful fifteenth century pub. The Hyde Tavern might identify with Hyde Abbey, Winchester. This had been a Benedictine cloister, persuasively shut and decimated in 1538. Just in the wake of shutting time can one here the phantoms .A past proprietor dismissed a voyaging woman and individuals discovered her the one day from now, dead from chilly and craving. Since that unpleasant occurrence, her apparition has showed in the Hyde Tavern. Her phantom wears a worn out dress and conveys a wicker bushel. Occupants and proprietors have had their bunk garments whipped far from them as they dozed. There is additionally the phantom that prods individuals in the bar. Locals think to be that of a man who a proprietor banished numerous years prior. He later took his life.