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The Bell Inn

56 West St, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

This Bell Inn is a two-bar community pub in an old stone building with wooden beams and floors. The infamous highwayman, Charlie Hind, was born and lived at Chipping Norton. After authorities hanged him at Worcester, they fixed his head on a pole at Chipping Norton to discourage other criminals. Observers have seen and heard his ghost during the night at the Bell Inn. This phantom, observers describe, by observers as a terrifying apparition with a blue face and rope marks across his throat. During the English Civil War, authorities hanged, the vicar of the parish church from the tower for his political stance. Observers still observe his ghost around his previous parish. Furthermore, we have the following series of accounts from an ex-landlady who lived at the Bell Inn, Chipping Norton, from 1997 to 2001. She even had a blessing, which did not work. The account are as follows: I was in my sitting room early hours one morning, out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall black shape standing in the doorway, he had on one of those tricorn and cloaks and boots. I could not see a face as it was all black. The clothes would fit in with pictures of highwaymen I have seen. After a few moments, it was gone, but it did appear in the same place at the same time 3am several times. He was full-bodied, apart from the face. Light bulbs along the overhead bit of one bar popped one after the other in the daytime, glasses would tumble off the shelves in front of customers. One night something jumping between them on the bed together woke-up my daughter and son-in-law. Papers and things flying off the dressing table and cupboards. Again, this was around 3am. There was no one there: no logical explanation. My son who was seven woke one night, as he was unwell to tell me that the nice woman sat on his bed told him he would be better soon. Again no explanation we were the only ones in the pub with no guests that night. The most frightening experience was when my daughter and I went into the bar very early one morning. She found chairs carefully balanced on top of tables. We had not left them like that the night before. She told me to look at the old wooden beam above the fireplace that had two animal skulls mounted on the wall. Well the hairs on my neck stood up. Balanced very carefully between the two skulls was a pool cue. There was then a blast of cold air, which seemed to go through us. We put the lights out and went back into the kitchen, we both turned to look through the glass in the door to the bar only to see two bright green eyes looking at us. The jukebox would come on most nights after we went to bed, I always turned the volume right down but it always came back on most nights again at 3am. After all this, our local vicar came in with two people to bless the place and they told me that there were seven malevolent spirits in the building. We had usual things occur, put keys down and they would turn up somewhere else, doors opening etc. The only time I felt afraid was when the bar furniture was rearranged along with the pool cue very finely balanced, and then the green eyes looking at me through the door.