Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in West Oxfordshire

Old Swan and Minster Mill

Minster Lovell

Over six centuries old, on the banks of the River Windrush, the Mill and Old Swan is creeper clad on two storeys. There is the legend of a young woman at a wedding reception here many years ago, who tired of dancing and went to hide from the other guests. She hid herself away in an old oak chest. However, was unable to open it from within and people found her years later as a skeleton. SReports claim that to be in residence still. She appears as a ghost with a most unhappy face. The dreadful tale was recorded by poet Samuel Rogers as Ginerva in 1823 and by Thomas Haynes Bayley in 1884.) Members of employees have reported poltergeist activity with knives flying across the restaurant, footsteps and poundings from a locked room. A phantom man , witnesses have seen, standing in the bar after closing time. He then vanishes. Immediately outside the pub, a black figure with no features, other than staring white eyes , reports claim, .