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The Star Alfriston

High Street, Alfriston, Polegate

This was once a hospice for pilgrims travelling to and from Canterbury. The red lion statue, that takes pride of place outside the inn, came off a Dutch naval ship at Sole Bay in 1672. Employees have witnessed two ghosts here; one is dressed in 18th century court-wear and the other appears as a farmer of many years ago. Observing girls have seen the farmer, or agricultural worker, from time to time. He sits in the lounge beneath the wall clock. One proprietor awakened one night to see this ghost walk across his bedroom. The apparition peered at something on the wall, before turning around and walking back out. The proprietor described him as being about 60 years of age, wearing a floppy hat, an old-fashioned smock with pleats in it, with leggings, apparently made of rough sackcloth. He bound these leggings with binding twine. There have also been reports of people, being locked in their rooms, with having to use the internal telephone to be released.