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The Blackboys Inn

Lewes Road, Blackboys, Uckfield, East Sussex

It is a picturesque inn behind a huge and beautiful lily pond and a spreading chestnut tree. A proprietor probably named it after Richard Blackboys, owner of the local estate in the 14th century. During the night, there have been the sounds of footsteps and a drop in temperature. Reports claim it to be Annie Starr, an 18th century cleaner, with daughter of the then proprietor, who was made pregnant and then abandoned. SReports claim that to be looking for the man who betrayed her and their baby who died shortly afterwards. Employees have heard poor Annie Starr calling out a name, which is not clearly distinguishable. Although most people assume that the proprietor named the pub after Richard Blackboys, it could have been after the black-faced customers from the nearby iron foundry. There is also another possible reason; it may have been from the secret soubriquet of Charles 2nd. Many referred to him, with his dark handsome looks, as the ‘Black Boy’, behind his back. Seventeenth century inns were very much political hotbeds.