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The Nelson Arms

50 Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey

This pub someone named after Lord Nelson, who visited Lady Hamilton when she was in residence nearby. Over three centuries old, the inn locals knew it as Hand and Pen in 1729, which was after the scriveners who copied legal documents. A curious memento in the bar is a glass eye embedded in an upright wooden post. Legend has it that it is one left behind by Lord Nelson. Over the years, there have been stories the inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a small man in early 19th century naval uniform, which may be England’s greatest naval hero. Farnham Castle exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include George Morley, a 17th century Bishop of Winchester. Outside Farnham is a deep cave, which was once the home of a white witch, Mother Ludlam. She had a large cauldron that she would lend to local people for special occasions. However, this disappeared and found its way to Frensham church. At Frensham, it was maintained this cauldron had been borrowed from the fairies, which had failed to collect it, with had nothing to do with Mother Ludlam.