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The Retreat

24 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Royal Tunbridge Wells

The building has a varied past. Records initially show that it was a lodging house between 1740-1780, appearing on maps at the turn of the century. In 1821 it was listed as a hotel but by the 1950s the building had become a pub. However, during the mid 19th Century t the building was used as our town's magistrates court and hearings were held here every fortnight. The building contained cells within the basement which were used to hold the prisoners. Local legends of a more macabre nature, say there were also rooms to hold the bodies of the criminals who were hanged on the Common for their crimes before they were taken to a funeral house. Within the walls of the basement, you can still see the alcoves where the prisoners would be shackled to the walls with irons. Mediums and psychics who have previously been given access have said they have seen people in these alcoves. Other activity has also been observed here, where boxes have been moved on their own and and the sounds of scraping and knocking can also be heard. Staff have reported seeing shadows moving when they are standing still in the basement and when locking up, they never look back down the stairs due to the fear of something coming up the stairs behind them. They've also seen a figure walking through the bar towards the back door and items which move, disappear or are just thrown about the bar.