Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Tunbridge Wells

The Chequers Inn

The Broadway Lamberhurst

It is a fine 14th century roadside inn, although the original manor, on which The building dates from , was erected in 1137. In 1682, it was rebuilt to appear much as it is at present with examples of the old wattle and daub still preserved. The Chequers exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the sounds of a carriage and horses pulling up in the early hours of the morning. Passengers , listeners hear, to alight, along with laughter and chatter, as they enter the front door. For a piece of Rabelaisian behaviour, a Vicar of Lamberhurst, Dorman Okenlane, appeared before the Bishop of Rochester’s Consistory Court in the 15th century. Whilst at a private party at the Chequers, he took an ale pot and, under the table, urinated into it. He then passed it the host, Thomas Coggar. This man threw the pot at Okenlane’s head and there ensued a fracas. Okenlane was obliged to resign his living, travel as a penitent to Rochester Cathedral and glaze a window there at his own expense. His humorous ghost further haunts the Chequers. It is dressed in dark clerical attire and grinning.