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Red Lion

82 Lower Green Road, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Royal Tunbridge Wells

This inn opened its doors as an alehouse and shelter for travellers and pilgrims almost six centuries ago. They claim to have one of the oldest licences in Kent from 1450. There have been reports over the years of ghostly activity with dramatically cold spots and clamour. On numerous occasions, the hindquarters of a phantom dog have , witnesses saw, vanishing through a bar room door. Customers, who have observed this animal, describe it as a large, scruffy beast, with at times, comfortably curled up on the floor of the bar. There are also reports of refrigerator doors locking tight, the work of a poltergeist. The sounds of a phantom coach driven by a headless equestrian is often seen and heard outside the pub. He is dressed in light armour, with reputed to resemble one of Cromwell’s Ironsiders. Nearby, a phantom man in a grey suit , witnesses have seen, standing outside a cottage that once stood there. It is believed that he may have lived there at one time.