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Ye Olde Chequers Inn

122 High St, Tonbridge, Kent

On a pole, protruding from the building and close to the inn sign is a macabre reminder of summary justice, a hangman’s noose. One of the men hanged outside this pub was Wat Tyler’s brother after the failed Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. Originally built in 1270, much of Ye Olde Chequers is now 16th century with some unique timbers. The courtyard exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of two men, engaged in a duel with swords. They have been portrayed as young men wearing plumed hats, close fitting jackets or tunics and high riding boots. Legend has it that they were two aristocrats from Tonbridge Castle, itself a haunted place. Some years ago, a Tonbridge shopkeeper lost her dog through a large hole in the castle grounds. For days, she searched and then heard her dog whimpering from an opening below ground. As she tried to rescue it, she fell in alongside her dog, with both disappeared into a concealed tunnel. Two years later, a Tonbridge trader saw the woman and her dog as phantoms. Both walked up the High Street and sat down beneath a tree.