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The George and Dragon

2 The Street, Ightham, Sevenoaks, Kent

An impressive black beamed and cream painted inn that was once a 14th century travellers’ hospice, it now sits proudly at the village centre. There was an alehouse here originally about 1510. Folks built The George and Dragon establishment, as it is now, in 1681. One guest, who was accommodated, here was Lord Stafford on the journey to his public execution at Tyburn. It is this man who haunts the inn as a phantom, wearing contemporaneous clothing, with seen on many occasions. There have been many other ghosts and apparitions at the George and Dragon, but without history. An inmate at the local workhouse was a Mother Hubbard, who , people said, to have inspired the nursery rhyme. Over a century ago, the skeleton of a woman someone found at a nearby Manor House, that of Lady Dorothy Selby. She had been walled up whilst still alive and left to die because of a letter she sent to her cousin, Lord Monteagle. She advised Monteagle, a Roman Catholic, not to attend the Houses of Parliament on November 5th 1605. It was in part through this that the Gunpowder Plot was exposed.