Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Tonbridge and Malling

The Cardinals Error

Lodge Oak Lane, Tonbridge, Kent

Seen sitting at the bottom of a bed by several different women, the history of this ghost is well recorded. A three years old girl told her mother that a woman in a white dress had talked to her during the night she slept here. It is the ghost of Nellie, a local farm girl of long ago, who was made pregnant by a local man on the promise of marriage. Nellie was jilted at the altar. She was still wearing her wedding dress, when she drowned herself, in the pond that lay behind this building. Another woman in a large hat , witnesses have seen, on many occasions, accompanied by footsteps along a corridor. When it was an original farmhouse, Cardinal Wolsey took refuge here. This ghost, dressed in a tall hat and a red dress, was a nun who exchanged her religious habit for his cardinal’s religious clothing so he could escape. For this, she was put to death. Another ghost, that of an elderly man who frequents the area around the fireplace, clearly says ‘Good morning’ quite loudly, when the pub is empty. The pub people called after a promise made by Cardinal Wolsey to provide a grammar school for the town. However, he failed to do so.