Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Thanet

Crown and Sceptre

The Street, Acol, Birchington, Kent

Opened as an inn in 1770, it was nicknamed the ‘Clown and Spectre’ after the proprietor and proprietor of that time. Their ghosts can still be heard bickering and rowing throughout the day. When they do make an appearance, he is tall and thin, with she small and dumpy. There is a famous chalk pit here called Smuggler’s Leap. Riding Officer Anthony Gill, pursued Smuggler Bill, with both plunged into the pit during the horse chase. The bodies of two men , people found, , but, only one horse. The missing one haunts the area on moonlit nights. Another legend is that the area exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include four cousins of King Egbert, whom he had had killed and buried here in the ninth century.