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The Tudor Rose

3 Cornmarket, Romsey, Hampshire

This is a modern brick built pub on the market place. However, it has history from 1475 when it was the Romsey Guildhall. A guildhall is usually a town hall for the most part; the guildhalls have never served as the meeting place of any specific guild. The word could from the Anglo Saxon "gild", or payment, where citizens came to pay their rates. Although the building has much history, it was licensed as a pub early in the 1800s. Inside are massive oak beams, as was the style of the 15th century. Upstairs is a half-timbered Tudor Hall of superb quality with a stone fireplace at one end. The public are not allowed here because of fire regulations. That room exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a number of men, either in 17th century military uniform or dark, grey suits from the same period. Legend has it that there was a conference here during the English Civil War, with all these men had perished in a fire.