Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Test Valley

The Star Inn

13 Horsefair, Romsey, Hampshire

In the early 17th century, this was a weaver’s home and business premises. The ghosts that haunt this inn are from that period. Several young workers were trapped in a fire that ripped through the factory building as they slept. In those days, workers lived on the premises, usually in attics above the workplace. Several died and many people have heard their cries and shouts as they tried to escape. Apparitions, both grey and black, have been observed on the upper floor. Inside, the Star has bare wooden boards and, on the ceiling, a large collection of old fashioned beer mugs. The town name is from Old English "Rummaesig". It pertains to an island or dry ground in a marsh belonging to a man called Rum. The pub name was originally a religious symbol, referring to either the Virgin Mary or the Star of Bethlehem.