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Silks Hotels - The White Horse

Market Place, Romsey

Even at first glance, the White Horse is an ancient inn. However, surviving timber framing shows it has history from pre-1450. Medieval stone cellars suggest it could have been there in the 12th century and hosted pilgrims, travellers and monks to the abbey. There are written records to the 1500s. During the 18th century, the pub offered thirty-five beds. It also offered stabling for 50 horses. The resident ghost is a young lad who worked in the stables of the White Horse, with died there. Some say he was kicked to death by a horse. However, there is another story that an assailant took his life because he had been witness to a serious crime. Over the years, although the stables have now gone, there are still strange sightings, with sounds of a boy crying out. Romsey was once renowned for the number of inns and public houses, giving rise to a saying “So drunk he must have been to Romsey”.