Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Tandridge

The White Bear

Fairchilde's Lane, Fickleshole, Selsdon, Surrey, Warlingham

A 16th century country inn between two farms at the tiny hamlet of Fickleshole, it is now a Second-grade building and there are two resident ghosts. On the wall of one bar hangs a menacing mantrap. Historically, mantraps were mechanical devices for catching poachers and trespassers on farms and estates. The device took several forms, the most usual being a large foothold trap. The steel plates were armed with teeth, set off by a spring, which met in the victim's leg. Often the trapped men had not found in time, with had bled to death. One of the ghosts, reputed to haunt this inn, had been a victim of one of these mantraps. Since 1827, these dreadful machines have been illegal in England. Another apparition at this pub , observers describe, as a solid black shape. It moves slowly, only to abruptly disappear.