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The Red Lion

Castle St, Bletchingley, Redhill, Surrey

It is a pleasant roadside pub with a white picket fence and history from 1309. At one time, Its name was the Maid, which may have been a religious reference to the Virgin Mary. It is a large village, with an apparent old market square in a wide road. The resident ghost at the Red Lion is an elderly woman in grey, dressed in working clothes from the 18th century. There is no history of her. However, the staff said that when she appears, the temperature dramatically drops. Coincidentally, there is the reverberation of footsteps in the corridor above the bar. Anne of Cleves lived nearby after her marriage to Henry 8th was annulled. There are many houses and cottages from the 15th century at Bletchingley, with the village has been used many times for period drama films and television plays.