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The George Hotel

High Street, Wallingford

The inn was caught up in the English Civil War and in 1646, a Royalist sergeant, John Hobson, was stabbed to death during a pub brawl. The proprietor’s daughter, seeing her husband struck down, locked herself away in her bedroom. Here she painted large shapes with her tears and soot on a window, which have survived. That is , locals knew, now as the ‘Teardrop Room’. The phantom of the young widow , witnesses have seen, by many individuals. Typically, it is in middle of the night when she appears, with she is weeping. As soon as she is spoken to, she glides back into the wall of the Teardrop Room. There is also the phantom of a local man, who , authorities hanged, nearby in 1626. One room exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include two children in early Victorian dress standing close to a washbasin. There are frequent sounds of beer barrels being tapped in the cellars during the night when they are locked up, with no one is down there. The George Hotel opened in 1517 as an inn. It was then , locals knew, as the George and Dragon. One improbable legend is that one particular room exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a mistress of Charles 1st. According to legend, she had cried herself to death upon hearing of his execution.