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The Catherine Wheel

Henley Rd, Sandford on Thames, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Sandford-on-Thames

They know when it is Christmas Eve at this village, for that is when the annual apparition manifests. At this time, a phantom coach and four horses is driven through the village at break-neck speed by a headless equestrian. Although this is an annual event, there is no history or legend behind this appearance. The Catherine Wheel Inn someone named after the wheel, with spikes from the circumference, on which St Catherine of Alexandria was martyred. The pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a former proprietor. He has been given the nickname Sandyman, after the character featured on a port wine bottle. His ghost , observers describe, as being five feet nine inches tall, dressed in a black suit with waistcoat over a while shirt. When he manifests, he is observed leaning against the bar, with one leg crossed in front of the other.