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Kings Arms

Church Rd, Oxford, Sandford-on-Thames

The site of this city pub was once part of a religious house, with its first licence as an inn was granted almost four centuries ago. Over many years, two elderly men, invisible. However, audible, , reporters have heard, chattering in one of the small bars. A classics undergraduate, who worked here as a barman, overheard this conversation, with understood most of what they expressed. He said they were speaking in Ancient Greek, with they were discussing the relative qualities of port. At one point, they become quite excited and there is the sound of a blow. Here, the discussion runs out of steam. A local myth has it that this pub has the highest IQ per square foot of any pub or bar in the world. Various dons held tutorials in the back bar as late as the 1960s. Until 1973, this bar was not open to women. There was a fire in this pub that year. It is rumoured that radical feminists started it. The bar was temporarily closed. However, it subsequently reopened to both sexes.