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Crooked Billet

Newlands Ln, Henley-on-Thames, Stoke Row

This is an absolute gem of a village inn, dating to 1642 where Dick Turpin used to hide out almost a century later. The ‘billet’ was a stick or piece of wood and ‘crooked’ refers to it being intentionally bent. Hanging this piece of wood over the door was a primitive method of making an effective and cheap inn sign. Originally, this hostelry was a smallholding that sold ale from a small cellar, which still exists. The Crooked Billet exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a previous proprietor, with there are sounds of beer barrels rolling around in the middle of the night, accompanied by much swearing. New staff are terrified by the crashing sounds, with have, on occasion, all slept in the same bedroom.