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The Ostrich Inn

42 High St, Colnbrook, Slough, Berkshire

The original building was a hospice run by monks over 800 years ago. It is almost certain that locals corrupted the word hospice to its present form, Ostrich. A terrible story of murder stands behind this attractive inn. A former licensee murdered at least 60 people here in the 17th century. This proprietor, Jarman, put some of his wealthier guests into a special room. He had built a trap of a hinged bed that pitched them into vats of liquid, where they drowned. Jarman then stole all their possessions with disposed of their bodies. Some of those guests have not left the premises, with their ghosts, one may hear, weeping with crying out through the night. The proprietor, authorities hanged, for his grisly crimes. Someone found one victim, a wealthy merchant named Coln, dead in the local stream. Reports claim that to have given rise to the original name of Coln-in-the-brook. King John is reputed to have stayed here when it was part of a monastery on his route to sign the Magna Carta Liberatum at Runneymede in 1215.