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The Ship Inn

65 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate

With history from 1798 and once a manor house, it backs on to the sea and exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include two ghosts seen in different parts of the pub. The ghosts here include the Fish Lady, who appears reeking of fish and a soldier in Victorian uniform. Proprietor, Stewart Whiffen, told of a ghostly presence, which he refers to as the Fish Lady. Stewart says that the presence of his ‘ghostly visitor’ can be felt most often in the area outside the kitchen. She is not averse to letting him know if she disapproves of changes in the kitchen by giving Stewart a sharp dig in the back. He believes the Fish Lady was once the proprietor of the Ship Inn, with that she died in an outbreak of cholera. Above the till is a CCTV monitor that views the corridor towards the toilets. A barmaid watched a barman on that monitor, checking up along one corridor at night. She later said that she had seen him walk straight through the figure of a ghost standing there.