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The George Inn

Stone Street, Stelling Minnis, Canterbury, Kent

Late at night, when all is still, the sound of the muffled hoof beats of a band of knights people hear passing this 350 years old pub. Possibly the same knights galloped to murder Thomas a Becket, in 1170. This happened at Canterbury Cathedral, at the behest of Henry 2nd. They were Reginald FitzUrse, William de Tracey, Hugh de Morville and Richard le Breton. It was on December 29th when they attacked the archbishop. They stabbed three swords into him and with the fourth, one knight cut off his head. They then scattered his brains around the cathedral. The ghost at the George Inn is dressed in 18th century style of clothing, with is observed in a bar alongside the apparition of a black dog. Following the murder, the four assassins of Becket travelled north, with lodged at Knaresborough Castle, owned by de Morville. They were not arrested, nor did Henry confiscate their lands. However, he refused to assist them when they went to him for counsel in 2nd71. Pope Alexander excommunicated all four but, seeking forgiveness, the four travelled to Rome. They were ordered by the Pope to serve as knights in the Holy Lands for a period of fourteen years. There are accounts of all of these knights appearing as ghosts at various places throughout England. Typically, the ghost of Thomas a Becket records as appearing at the Tower of London. However, it has also been maintained he haunts the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral as a hooded monk.