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The Pied Bull

High Street, Farningham, Dartford, Kent

A pied bull is a bovine animal of more than one colour, with there are several pubs named this throughout the country. This was an old coaching road between London and Dover. A phantom coach and horses have frequently been heard outside the Pied Bull on the road by people sitting at window seats. The new part of the Pied Bull, that incorporates these seats, was once part of the road itself. This phantom sound , commentators have heard, most frequently in daylight hours. Occasionally, during the wintertime and in darkness, there have been manifestations of a ghost coach pulling up outside the Pied Bull and passengers in early Victorian dress alighting. It was opened in 1612 by Matthias Rage. In the 17th century, it , witnesses describe, as ‘A hospicium with barn and garden.’ Between 1780 and 1819, they serviced six coaches a day. In 1710, the licensee was granted a 500-year lease for the water in the garden for the horses.