Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Sevenoaks

The Crown

84 High Street, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, Kent

Crown Inn In her Companion into Kent, published in 1934, Dorothy Gardiner tells a story from the early 19th century. A gang of smugglers appeared at the pub with a Spaniard, who had been wounded. The daughter of Squib the Maltster, the proprietor, tended his wounds and cared for him. They fell in love, married and lived at Shoreham. Shortly afterwards he was press-ganged, with when he returned years later, was told she had died. He died shortly afterwards from a broken heart. The husband is the apparition of a weeping man outside the front door of this inn. A horrifying ghost , witnesses have seen, at a house near the pub. The owner awoke one night to see a woman in a black dress; then appeared the ghostly head of an old man with a dark red face. The following night, he awoke to see a headless body dressed in a red coat with a ruff. This slowly drifted towards the window, where it remained for several minutes. This ghost is that of a previous owner, a 17th century clown who went mad and hanged himself from the window with a piano wire; hence, the ghost has a severed head. The ‘black lady’ who appears with him is believed to be his grieving widow.