Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Sevenoaks

The Chequers

73 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent

A one bar, old timber framed pub, the Chequers is in part a 12th century building that once held the local Petty Sessions and manor courts in ancient times. There was a set of gallows next to the Chequers, with the guilty ones were taken from the cells of the Dorset Arms, a pub nearby, with were dispatched shortly after their trials. These executions were viewed by large, jeering and cheering crowds. One woman, looking through an upstairs window of the Chequers, saw her son being hanged, with dropped dead from shock. Since then her ghost , witnesses have seen, with heard slowly walking through the premises of the Chequers. The ghost occasionally issues cries of anguish. Some years after this event, that window was blocked off from public use. During the excavation for the Sevenoaks by-pass, a gruesome discovery was made at the crossroads of the Pilgrims Way and London Road. It was the skeleton of a girl with a wooden stake driven through her chest. This was the customary treatment for an individual accused of witchcraft or who had committed suicide.