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The Wheatsheaf Hotel by Good Night Inns

London Road Virginia Water, Englefield Green

With history dating from 1798, the grand looking Wheatsheaf Hotel has a most curious haunting story behind it. The ghost is not resident in the hotel but does involve a barrister who was staying there. Whilst at public school, he had made a blood relationship with another boy but on leaving school they separated. Years later the barrister was staying at the Wheatsheaf and in a daydream had a vision of two men fighting in a train compartment. He realised that one of the men was a middle-aged version of his old friend and he was being stabbed many times. Several days later, by pure chance, he met this man’s brother in London. The brother told the barrister that his brother had been murdered on a train in India. The barrister realised that it had been at the precise moment he was having his vision in the Wheatsheaf.