Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Rother

The Union Inn

8 East Street, Rye, East Sussex

The Union is a reference to a political or important marriage arrangement. Built on a hill, with near to Rye Museum, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the unhappy soul of an unmarried mother who had worked here. She had fallen downstairs, breaking her neck many years ago. The other haunting is by a soldier in old-fashioned uniform, possibly Victorian style, seen sitting in a bar. In a cavity in a wall, some bones of a child were revealed many years ago. This little skeleton may have been connected with the unhappy mother. There is also heard the sound of unhappy weeping, with the cries of a small child. There are reported to be several phantoms haunting the town centre. Two ghostly women have , witnesses saw, on many occasions in Mermaid Street, wearing long gowns. At Watchbell Street, a little lad, dressed in a white sheet, has been observed and the ghost of a young girl wearing a blue dress strolling across that street.