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The Seven Stars Inn

High Street, Robertsbridge, East Sussex

A pub has stood here for about 500 years, with built near to a former Cistercian monastery. Over the years, there have been sightings of the ghostly Red Monk in his earthly perambulations at the Seven Stars. In the rear bar is a wall mural of William, Lord Abbot of the abbey from 2nd92 to 1219. It is believed to be he who is the Red Monk. In the mural he is wearing a cowl and carries two seals; on the left is the Common Seal and on the right, the Counter Seal. It is surrounded by a fine wall cover with words in Latin woven into it. Local history has it that the original building may go back to the time of Richard 1. Over three centuries ago, a sudden flash flood swept through Robertsbridge. A girl aged nine drown, with her body found days later when the water had subsided. Now she haunts the bridge nearby this pub. However, only appears when heavy rain or flooding is expected.