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The George Inn

High Street , Robertsbridge

It is a noble inn, it faces a small village green and ancient cottages. Licensees in the past have reported strange poundings, bangs and footsteps from empty rooms. These curious sounds always occur after there has been a wedding reception. It is reputed that the ghost, affectionately , locals knew, as Georgina, does not like weddings. When a member of the staff was in the kitchen on one occasion, she saw the door slowly open. Although no one stood there, with it was a very hot day, the temperature dropped so dramatically she began shivering. During the late 1780s, there was a savage battle at Robertsbridge when the Hawkhurst Gang discovered that 15 hundredweights of smuggle tea had been seized by the revenue men. It was being taken to Hastings under armed guard. The smugglers speedily organised an armed raid on the officers. However, during the battle a customs officer was shot dead. Since that time, the hill out of the village haunted by the ghost of that unfortunate fellow.