Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Rother

The Bell Inn

Church Lane, Iden, Rye, East Sussex

Almost one thousand years old, the Bell was standing here as a hospice when the Norman Conquest began. Monks ran it as a hostel for pilgrims and Christian brothers. There are two ghosts here. One, observers have seen, in the men’s lavatory. It, observers see, to glide out through a wall. At one time, there had been an external door at this point, although it is difficult to find now. The second ghost is a middle-aged man. Observers have seen him in the dining area, beside the fireplace. Another common sighting over the years has been that of a Royalist cavalier from the English Civil War, complete with his horse in the grounds of the Bell Inn. There are records that a tunnel existed between the inn and the church and employed by local smugglers. During several nights, when the pub is closed, beer barrels, listeners hear, rolling around in the cellar. When employees check the cellar in the morning, some entity or other has rearranged the beer barrels.