Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Rother

Red Lion

Cackle Street, Brede, East Sussex

Sir Goddard Oxenbridge, the Brede Giant, who carried off young children and ate them, haunts Red Lion The village. Legend has it local children, who got him drunk, caught him. They sawed him in half using a wooden teethed saw. The legend was that a metal weapon could not kill Sir Goddard. His ghost still haunts nearby Groaning Bridge and the Red Lion. A woman who had lived at Brede Place, the home of Sir Goddard, also haunts the Red Lion. She manifests in an Elizabethan dress. In 1830, the labour riots, led by Captain Swing, were against the Brede workhouse keeper, Thomas Abell. The unfortunate Abell was tied to a dung cart. He was dropped over the parish boundary. In 1530, a customer of the Red Lion someone found by the village rector reading his Book of Psalms. As this was the English translation, he was sentenced to four days in the stocks.