Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Rother

Kings Head


Built in 1535, with extended in the 17th century; this is a bucolic imbiber’s dream. It is beamed, has wooden floors and two open fires. Now here is a pretty tale to tell. Udimore people called thus because of the intervention by the angels when the church was being built. As it was on marshy grounds, the angels persisted in moving the foundations. As these heavenly visitors flew through the air carrying the stones, they cried as one, "Over the mere-over the mere''. Therefore, now you have Udimore. On the other hand, historians maintain the village name was from the Saxon Udan mere or Uda’s Mere. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a curious ghost that noisily rearranges furniture late at night, often accompanied with shrill cries.