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Johns Cross Inn

Battle Rd, Robertsbridge, East Sussex

It is an ancient roadside inn where strange things have occurred over the years. On one occasion, six Perrier bottles in a locked bar room mysteriously moved from a sealed cardboard box, with lined themselves up on the bar counter. Barrels in the cellar and furniture in the bar have moved about and ashtrays have suddenly tipped up along the bar. Over the years, there have been reports of a bent and elderly woman standing outside the front door with a bag over her shoulders. When anyone has spoken to her, she has looked around, stared at the person, with disappeared. In what the licensee calls the smallest restaurant in England, there is simply one table for four. On the wall of this small room appears to be a ghost figure. This is the handiwork of the proprietor, Bob Russell, a noted inn sign painter, with is a splendid example of his trompe l’oiel work.